The Top, But Lesser-Known, Ways To Find Local Moving Companies

The Top, But Lesser-Known, Ways To Find Local Moving Companies

15 July 2020
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How many moving companies offer services in your area? If this is your first move or you're not sure how to choose one contractor, take a look at the best (but lesser known) ways to find a local moving company for your residential needs.

Social Media

Look into community groups or apps that only allow neighborhood members to join. While you can't believe everything you read online, your neighbors (or people in your local community) have the insider information you need.

Not only are local reviews helpful, but social media recommendations are different from advertisements. Instead of a company paying someone to write a positive review or creating an ad that looks like a reference, your neighborhood social media group offers real recommendations.

School Friends

Do you need to look outside your immediate friend or family circle for moving contractor referrals? If you're a parent, start with the other families at school. Drop-off, pick-up, the school carnival, or open house night are ideal opportunities to talk to local parents who have hired movers.

Your Co-Workers

How well do you know your co-workers? While you might not have best friends at work, chances are there is at least one person you can turn to for local mover advice or recommendations. Ask the office staff who has moved recently. If no one has made a major move, they may know someone else who has.

If your workplace has a designated human resources representative or department, talk to them. The HR department may handle staff moves or employee transfers. This means they may help new staff members relocate to your area. They may have insider resources or detailed information on local companies that can help you to move.

The Government

The U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) maintains a searchable database of registered movers. Visit the FMCSA's website to access information such as the location of the moving company, the contractor's contact number/address, registration status, the type of mover the contractor is, safety records, and complaint information.

Moving Associations

Along with the FMCSA, professional moving associations (such as the American Moving and Storage Association) may provide help for customers who need to find a qualified mover. If a national or local association doesn't have a search tool or searchable website, contact the organization for more information. While they may not maintain a database, they may offer to point you in the right direction.