Ways To Decide If Your Pieces Of Furniture Are Worth Moving

Ways To Decide If Your Pieces Of Furniture Are Worth Moving

18 October 2022
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Moving to a new residence can be exciting, mainly if you have always wanted to relocate. But, this process is demanding and needs careful planning to ensure everything runs smoothly on the big day. 

As you plan to relocate, one critical thing you have to contemplate is if you'll bring all the furniture along. Should you declutter before the furniture movers arrive or carry every piece of furniture to the other residence?

When you know the vital questions to ask, it will be easy to decide if you'll declutter or allow the professionals to plan how they will transport every piece. Some of these questions are outlined below.

Can the Furniture Fit in the New Residence?

Different houses come in different sizes, and the floor layout may vary too. So, before you bring all the furniture, it is crucial to check the floor layout to determine whether all your furniture will fit. Make sure you leave enough space between the furniture pieces and don't forget to check the measurements of the hallways and doorways. 

If you realize that some pieces of furniture cannot fit in the home, you can sell, donate or keep them in storage before deciding what to do. The same will also apply to furniture that cannot fit in the hallways, and disassembly isn't an option you can consider.

Sometimes you might want to change the design theme of the house. If certain furniture isn't suitable for this, you'll not need to move them. Note that antique pieces don't run out of fashion, so you can always bring them to the house.

What Are Their Condition and Value?

Before bringing the furniture from the old house to the new one, you'll need to check its condition. Is the furniture functional, practical, or durable? Quality furniture should be kept, regardless of the space it takes or the size. So, before you declutter, consider their value or the money you'll spend to replace them. 

Sometimes it costs more to replace old furniture, so keep them if you don't have the funds. You may consider bringing the nonfunctional furniture and restoring them instead of buying new pieces. Also, those with sentimental value shouldn't be left behind.

Can You Buy New Furniture?

Another question you should ask before decluttering is whether you'll afford to get new furniture. Begin by planning the budget carefully and thinking of the costs. If you want to replace some pieces, you may sell the old ones and use the money to get new furniture. Also, if you're making a long-distance move, compare the costs of moving and replacing them.

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