5 Ways To Expand Your Closet Using Storage Units

5 Ways To Expand Your Closet Using Storage Units

29 November 2021
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For fashionistas, the idea of having a second closet to keep all their clothing, shoes, hats, scarves, and accessories is a dream come true. But if your home can't accommodate a second (or third) closet, you may feel like you're out of luck. Not so fast, though. Have you considered how an off-site storage unit might be able to fill the gap? Here are five ways to utilize this extra closet space. 

1. Store Seasonal Items

If your climate changes significantly between the hot summer and cold winter months, you probably have two sets of wardrobes. Why not move the out-of-season wardrobe to storage and rotate in the upcoming season two or three times per year?

2. Store Categories of Clothing

As your clothing collection grows, you'll have items that are only worn in specific situations. Your evening gowns or recycled bridesmaid dresses need a home, but you're probably not wearing them every weekend. So bundle up some of these categories of clothing or accessories and store them off-site as a group. They'll be better organized when you do need them. 

3. Stage for Selling

As fashions, tastes, and needs change, your wardrobe changes to accommodate. Many clothes hounds sell off unwanted or unnecessary clothing and accessories online to recoup some of their cost. A storage area is a great place to base online selling and donation activities. It provides plenty of space, can be a photography studio, and is in a public space with several cameras. 

4. Create a Boutique

Part of the fun of being a fashion connoisseur is picking and choosing outfits, testing new looks, and showing them off to friends before wearing them in public. A boutique closet allows you the space to include benches and chairs, mirrors, and a walkway right inside your closet. But if you can't create this setup at home, create it in your own secondary closet: a large storage space. 

5. Store Other Items

Perhaps your house has other closets you could use for your wardrobe, but these are already full. In this case, consider freeing up some space by moving that stuff to a separate storage unit instead. You'll keep the extra clothes handy and you won't have to get rid of anything else your family may need down the line. 

Want more ideas for utilizing nearby storage facilities to augment your home closet? Start by touring facilities in your area. By seeing what's available and letting your imagination run, you'll surely find a great solution that allows you to indulge your passion for fashion. Contact a local storage facility to learn more.