FAQs About Renting A Self-Storage Unit

FAQs About Renting A Self-Storage Unit

3 May 2023
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If you have items that you do not have space to store, then you may want to put those items into a self-storage unit for a time. In most towns and cities, there are at least a few storage companies to choose from. Most are easy to work with and offer good protection for their customers' items. Here are some questions you might have as you prepare to rent a self storage unit.

Is it cheaper to rent two small storage units or one large one?

If you have a lot of things, it is usually worth your while to look for a storage unit that will hold them all. While every storage company prices its units a bit differently, renting a large unit tends to cost substantially less than renting two smaller units. Also keep in mind that you can often fit more than you think inside one unit. Doing so might just require some shelving and stacking. If you're not sure what size you need, tell a storage company employee what you have and ask them for a size recommendation.

When are storage facilities open?

Some storage facilities have open hours, but many are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to those who have rented units. There may be a code box that you can punch a code into to access the facility. Or, every renter may be given a key fob that gives them access to the space.

Do you have to rent for a certain length of time?

Not usually. Most storage facilities rent by the month, so you can rent for one month, six months, or five years — whatever you need. Some facilities do offer you a discount if you stay for more than a certain period of time.

What is the difference between a climate-controlled and a non-climate-controlled unit?

Climate-controlled storage units maintain temperatures and humidity within a certain temperature and humidity range. This makes them good places to store leather goods, furniture, apparel, and anything else with the potential for mold growth. Non-climate-controlled units are like garages; they are not heated, and the humidity level fluctuates as it does outdoors. These places are okay for storing outdoor items like yard equipment and patio furniture.

Now that you know a little more about storage units, get out there and rent one that works for you. It's really great to know your items are well taken care of.